Commercial and fine art photography, hand coated prints

I am a hybrid process photographer, shooting onto film and occasionally digital, processing the film myself, scanning and correcting, converting cropping digitally, printing negatives for contact prints or outputting to my POD service or clientele.  I use film for two reasons; resolution and mood.  Some black and white, and most color print and slide films convey a certain mood due to their varying response to reproducing certain colors...just ask  any cinematographer who uses film.  As for resolution, let's just say that working in 6x9 (MM) and 4x5 (Inches) allows me to reproduce up to billboard size with better than acceptable quality without the overhead of a $200K Hasselblad rig.  
For my art, I shoot landscape, architectural and environmental portraliture, and especially enjoy depicting the natural beauty of golf courses which often combine elements of all three disciplines.  I have been actively shooting golf courses for the last ten years while I worked in the agronomic side of the golf industry.  
As a printmaker I employ the latest technology in marriage with historic techniques dating to the birth of modern photography to create handmade platinum, cyanotype and silver gelatin prints.  As well as using Piezography's P2DN system for printing my digital negatives, I also use the inkset to print special edition black and white carbon inkjet prints myself, and full color prints through Fine Art America.